"Tiger" 11" x 14" oil 2003

"Dalai Mona" 16" x 30" oil 2003

In 1994 I returned to normal life of work and society. I luckily was able to find better working circumstances than in my post graduate days. For the last ten years I have been working as a medical photographer and illustrator first at the West Los Angeles Veterans' Medical Center and now at the Long Beach VAMC. (Visual Information Specialist, West LA, & Medical Photographer & Illustrator, Long Beach, CA) I continue to paint and write.

"Swimmer" oil 2003

I heard someone say that playing Beethoven is
like holding a jar of mad bees.
Feeling someone cry
is like lying supine
in a lake eyes open
Raindrops ticking the surface
merge and spread.
In one trajectory,
I can connect Leonardo to Cezanne to Willem.
In a mirror, the face I see begins its own migration.
I, the spectator; I, the sport
Falling through this spectral and stoic assembly
and endless parade.
I find no beautiful faces but
each has a canny equivalence.

(Note: Willem deKooning-line 8)