"Boys" 22''x26'' pastel 1968

"Girls" 18''x24'' pastel 1988

"Male Figure '68" charcoal 10''x13''

Female figure '68 charcoal, 10"x13"

Wayne of the Wilderness 1 Pastel 16"x40"

Wayne of the Wilderness 2 Pastel 16"x40"

Large Gesture I 30"x36" watercolor 1979

Large Gesture II 30"x36" watercolor 1979

"Model Walking in a Cross" 20"x34"
Oil on Paper 1976

"Background for Mao Paintings" 28"x34" pastel 1989

"Winter Walk" 24"x36" pastel 1976

"Campus Restaurant" 20"x13" pastel 1969
In A Private Collection

"Appalachian Quilt" 24"x32" pastel 1973

"Shawl Fruit" 18"x24" pastel 1972