"Early Sphinx" 18"x30'' pastel & paint1974

"In the Mirror" 18"x24" pastel 1989

"Nude Drawing Herself" 22"x22" charcoal 1972

"Invisable Woman" 28"x32" charcoal 1969

"Female Figure '89" charcoal 10''x13''

"Model" 24"x32" charcoal 1976

"Circle Walk II" 24"x36" charcoal 1976

"Circle Walk" 24"x36" charcoal 1976

"Homage to Klee" 26"x30" pastel 1973

"Leos Ladies" 18"x24" charcoal 2003

"Windchimes I"
1970 Pastel
"Windchimes II"
1970 Pastel
"Windchimes III"
1970 Pastel
Paddy Corcoran
"Where Paddy Corcoran's Wife
Threw the Dishwater"
1976 Pastel
Pink Windchimes
"Pink Windchimes"
1973 Pastel
Teapot with Bottle Brush
"Sun, Moon & Earth "
1988 Pastel 25"x32"
In A Private Collection

"Nude" 18"x24" charcoal 1989

"Woman Dreaming" 18"x24" charcoal 1989

"Sphinx" 18"x24" charcoal 1989

"Self-Portrait" 18"x24" charcoal 1989