Meditating Heads - Porcelain Greeware about 2/5 life size
Meditating Heads, porcelain green ware. I first did these while on camping trips where I would sit sessins all by myself in a tent and sculpt beside the stream. One time I allowed a head to melt back into the stream.

Meditating Heads 1981-1983

Head 1 - left oblique

Head 1 - frontal 1981

Head 1 - right oblique

Head 2 - left oblique

Head 2 - frontal 1983

Head 2 - right oblique

Head 3 - left oblique

Head 3 - frontal 1998

Head 3 - right oblique

Smile- Left profile

Smile- Frontal w/flowers

Smile- Right profile w/ flowers

Korean flower bowl- Left profile

Korean flower bowl- frontal

Korean flower bowl- right profile